Tattoo Prices in Canada

Tattoos have many factors which can influence their price. These include the artist’s experience, the size of the tattoo, how complex it is, how long it will take to complete, and where the tattoo is positioned on your body. All come into play when determining the final cost of your tattoo.

Most begin at $160 per hour, with a minimum of $50 for each tattoo. Your tattoo artist may decide to charge a flat amount per piece, depending on the final size of the custom tattoo. We provide free consultations at each of our Chronic Ink locations in the Greater Toronto Area and Vancouver.

How Much Does A Tattoo Cost in Canada?

The average cost for a small tattoo like a heart or cross is $50 to $250. For a medium-sized tattoo like a tribal or portrait, expect to spend between $150 and $450. Hiring a tattoo artist typically costs $120 to $150 per hour, and price depends on how long it takes.

The time required to obtain a tattoo can range from 30 minutes to 30 hours, depending on the design and other considerations.

Here is a quick breakdown of how long it would take to do tattoos of various sizes: Usually, making a little tattoo takes less than an hour. It would take one to three hours to create a palm-sized tattoo.

Cost of Getting a Tattoo in Canada.

See the table below to see the common prices of tattoos based on the tattoo’s location on the body:

LocationEstimated Costs
Wrist Tattoos$50 – $150
Forearm Tattoo$200 – $1,200
Tricep Tattoo$350 – $500
Shoulder Tattoo$700 – $900
Chest Tattoo$250 – $1,200
Full-Back Tattoo$1,000 – $5,000
Rib Tattoo$600 – $700
Ankle Tattoo$60 – $200
Leg Tattoo$500 – $1,800

For size-based pricing, you can use the table below as a guide:

Size of TattooEstimated Costs
Tiny(Under 2 inches)$30 – $100
Small(2 – 4 inches)$50 – $250
Medium(4 – 6 inches)$150 – $450
Large(6 inches and over)$500 – $4,000

There are also a lot of popular tattoo designs that you might be interested in. We listed a couple of them below to give you an idea:

Tattoo DesignEstimated Costs
Portrait Tattoo$200 (per hour)
Rose Tattoo$100 – $300
Lion Tattoo$150 – $400
3D Tattoo$200 (per hour)
Quote Tattoo$90 – $200
Name Tattoo$75 – $100


How long do tattoos last?

The changes in your body also affect the way tattoos look, and yes, they do deteriorate with time. If you had your tattoos while you were younger, perhaps in your early 20s, you’ll start to see fading when you’re between 40 and 50 years old.

However, there are other variables that make tattoos fade more quickly than typical. This includes using excessive skin-cleansing products, smoking, and poor aftercare practices.

How do I know if my tattoo is infected?

If your tattoo is infected, you may experience any or all of the following signs and symptoms:

• Abnormal shivering
• Fever
• Areas of hard raised tissue
• Pus is coming out of the tattoo area
• The tattoo area is swelling
• Red lesions around the tattoo area
• Red streaks coming from the tattoo area

What should I do after getting my tattoo?

After getting your tattoo done, you should:

• Apply antibiotic ointment and cover the tattoo in a plastic wrap or bandage.
• Remove the covering after a few hours and wash with water and soap.
• Use alcohol-free and fragrance-free moisturizer on your tattoo.
• Wait for your tattoo to completely heal.
• Always wear protective clothing when you’re outdoors.

What should I avoid after getting my tattoo?

It’s advisable NOT to do any of the following activities to avoid any complications with your new tattoo:

• Exposing tattoo to direct sunlight
• Picking, scratching, and rubbing the tattoo
• Shaving (if the tattoo is placed in a location where you usually shave)
• Using medicated products on the tattoo
• Soaking in either fresh or saltwater like swimming pools
• Wearing tight-fitting clothes
• Over treating the tattoo
• Engaging in activities that cause excessive sweating
• Excessive use of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs
• Allowing someone else to touch the tattoo

Do Color Tattoos Hurt More?

Myth: Although getting a tattoo does hurt, the discomfort is not comparable to giving birth. The discomfort of obtaining a tattoo is more comparable to itching a severe sunburn. Myth or Reality: Lighter tattoo ink hurts more than darker ink.


Now that you are aware of the main factors influencing the cost of your tattoo, it is up to you to determine the precise cost.

Ask for a price by getting in touch with one of the salons that is close to you. Get in touch with them if you don’t have a design ready; I’m sure they’ll be pleased to assist you.

Good fortune!

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