How Much Do Vampire Fang Implants Cost?

Fang dental implants are a type of dental implant that is made to look like real teeth, including the fangs of a vampire. They are popular among those who wish to improve the appearance of their teeth and smile and are usually used for cosmetic purposes.

They are usually fitted on the originally tooth. Fangs can be removable and permanently implanted.


How Much Do Vampire Fang Implants Cost?

The removable fang costs around $100 for each fang and $3,000 to $5,000 for two fangs for permanent fang, and this is done by filing the teeth down and placing a permanent cap over your tooth.

Fang implants generally cost between $3,000 and $5,000. However, the price depends on the actual cost of the tooth that is replaced. In some cases, the tooth is so damaged that it has to be extracted regardless of cost.

Less expensive artificial vampire fangs, intended mainly for Halloween costumes, can be found for under $10.

According to Dr. Rob Tennet, it will depend on your bite and whether you’re considering central or corner fangs.


Preparation For Fang Implants

The surrounding teeth and the area around the implant need to be well cleansed before fang implants are inserted. In addition, a tiny hole needs to be drilled in the skin and the skin surrounding the implant needs to be cleansed. The implant is secured via this hole.

Often, a tiny incision is required to widen the entrance because the implant is too big to fit through the skin hole. After that, the lip is cleansed and sanitized. The implant is then cleaned, inspected for damage, and taken out of its packing. The lip is sealed with a suture at the end.

Benefits Of Fang Implants

Replacement of badly damaged teeth: Dental trauma, such as a bite from a large dog, can be particularly well treated with these implants.

Denture stabilization: These implants can also be utilized as support if a patient needs more assistance with their dentures.

Improved and enhanced appearance: The distinctive and striking appearance of fang dental implants can improve the way your smile looks. A more natural-looking outcome can be achieved by having them created to order to precisely match the size, color, and form of your original teeth.

Stiffening for Lip Augmentation: To give their lips a little more oomph, some patients decide to get fang implants.

Wrapping up…

As a means of improving a smile, fang implants are fast growing in popularity. These implants are substantially larger than natural teeth and are made from the root of a tooth. They can be applied to close gaps between teeth, restore badly broken teeth, or add flair to a grin.

Make sure you are matched with the best cosmetic dentist if you are considering having fang implants. You should seek out a cosmetic dentist who offers these implants if you want assistance in achieving your ideal appearance. Additionally, you can find out from your cosmetic dentist about any other cosmetic dentists in your neighborhood that provide fang implants.

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