How Much Does Curling Stone Cost

So, you’ve decided to take up curling. Great! When playing the sport it will become evident relatively quickly that the stones are an important part of the game. But, how much does a curling stone cost? That’s what we’re going to find out.

If you’re unsure about the sports equipment required to begin playing curling, or if you’ve just taken up the activity and want to know what you need, then this article is for you.

How Much Does Curling Stone Cost
How Much Does Curling Stone Cost

A curling stone is a cylinder of granite, graphite or other material used in the sport of curling. The rock weighs in at 44 lb (20 kg) and is painted with a special friction reducing substance. A curling stone is made of granite or other material that has been mined from the earth.

The World Curling Federation has established standard specifications for all curling stones including diameter, weight, circumference, etc.

Curling stones have a handle called a “hold” which allows the curler to grip the stone without slipping off during delivery. The handle is usually made of wood, plastic or leather but can also be made of metal. The handle has a hole through which a string is run so that it can be held by hand during delivery.

The ends of this string are then tied around the end of the handle and knotted together, forming what is known as a “thong”. The purpose of this thong is not only to provide an added grip for throwing but also to reduce wear on hands caused by friction with ice when delivering or handling stones.

What Are Curling Stone Made Of?

Granite used to make curling stones comes from the Trefor Granite Quarry in Wales and the Scottish island of Alisa Craig.

This uncommon granite is necessary for curling stones because it has a low water absorption rate, preventing the stone from being eroded by continuously freezing water.

The World Curling Federation only allows Kays Curling Stones to be used in competitions, and the business Kays of Scotland holds the exclusive rights to the granite from Alisa Craig.

How Much Does Curling Stone Cost

Curling stones range in price from over £300 for a brand-new one to just over £200 for a used one, depending on quality and condition.

The cost of curling stones varies depending on the type of stone, the manufacturer and the country of origin.

Curling stones are made from granite and are heavy enough to glide over the ice surface. The large front surface area of a curling stone allows for more control over its movement.

The price of a curling stone depends on several factors, including the type of rock used in manufacturing, whether it is imported or manufactured locally and its size. In general, smaller stones are cheaper than larger ones.

Granite Rocks of a Full Size

Depending on the style, granite grade, and age, a whole set of 16 reconditioned (used) boulders with handles often costs between $4000 and $7500. In contrast, a whole set of brand-new rocks with handles will cost between $8500 and $13000. There are also options for short- or long-term rock rentals.

Junior Rocks that “Real Rock”

We also provide “Junior” curling stones, which are smaller and lighter versions of full-sized stones constructed of a composite granite substance. These stones work well for recreational installations that are much shorter than the required length (100′ or less) or for younger players.

Curling Steel Rocks for Outdoor Use

We strongly advise utilizing steel rocks that are designed for usage in that climate if you intend to play outside on natural ice. We offer two sizes: one that is 10″ in diameter and 24 pounds in weight for usage on outdoor sheets that are the proper width, and another that is 8″ in diameter and 15 pounds in weight for more informal back yard or bar curling where space is at a premium.

Ailsa Craig Common Green Running Surface Inserts with Blue Hone

These Scottish quarries produce what are frequently referred to as “Olympic Style” rocks. Common Green granite, which has robin-egg black speckles and is green in color, makes up the upper part of the rock. The running surface is fitted into the bottom of the rock using Blue Hone granite.

Trefor stones

Trefor stones, which are available in a range of hues including Red, Blue, Gray, and Brown, are frequently regarded as the most “cosmetic” stones on the market. These are quarried in Wales’s northern region.


It depends on what qualities you want in it and how much money you are willing to spend. Different kinds of stones have different perks that make them unique to use. They also vary in price. Furthermore, if the curling stone has been previously used, then it would be way cheaper.


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