How Much Does A Squat Rack Cost

Squat racks are among the most essential pieces of equipment to have in a gym. They allow you to lift massive weight, build muscle and burn fat. So how much does squat rack cost?

A squat rack is a piece of gym equipment that allows you to safely and easily perform squats, bench presses and other weightlifting exercises. They’re usually made of steel or aluminum tubing and come in a variety of sizes. Some are freestanding while others are anchored to the ground.

How Much Does A Squat Rack Cost
How Much Does A Squat Rack Cost

Squats are one of the most important exercises you can do because they work your entire body — including your legs, hips, glutes and core — while improving balance and flexibility. Squat racks provide a wide range of options for squatting safely and effectively.

A squat rack is a bench-like structure with barbell support at the top, usually with adjustable safety catches. It is used in weight training to perform squats and related exercises. It is designed so that the user’s hands are positioned above their head or out in front.

Squat racks allow the user to safely lift heavy weights by leaving the hands free to support and balance the body during exercise. They are also known as power racks, squat stands, squat cages or half cages depending on their design. A squat rack usually consists of two vertical posts connected by horizontal crossbars at several heights. The bars may be fixed or adjustable and can be set at different heights depending on the user’s height and fitness level.

The term “rack” refers to the barbell supports (also called safety catches) found attached to many types of weight training equipment including benches and machines such as incline benches.

Types of Squat Rack

Basic squat rack. This type of squat rack is designed with two vertical posts and a horizontal bar that runs across the top. The bar can be adjusted in height, so you can set it at a comfortable height for you when doing squats.

  • Folding rack

This type of rack folds in half so it can be stored when not in use. This makes it easy to store as well as easy to transport if you want to take your workout outdoors.

  • Squat stand

This kind of squat rack looks like a cage around you when you’re working out. It has bars on all sides that are used for doing pull-ups or other exercises. It also has hooks or pins where you can hang your weights from above so they don’t get in your way while you’re working out.

Squat racks are a staple in any gym. They’re used for squatting and bench pressing, but also for other exercises like shoulder presses and deadlifts.

Because of their popularity, there are hundreds of squat racks on the market. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks, so you need to understand what makes each rack unique before making a decision.

  • Half rack

Half cages are similar to full cages but only half of them extend out from the wall. This makes them easier to install since they don’t require mounting hardware or additional space behind the rack. However, half cages do not allow for bench press movements because there is no place for an adjustable bench. You may want a half cage if space is limited but you still want some safety features when lifting heavy loads (more than 350 lbs.).

  • Power rack

A power rack is similar to a basic squat rack, but it has vertical posts at each end instead of one at one end and one at the other end. This gives you more options for using the equipment, such as performing bench presses or dips on the vertical bar above your head. Power racks also have adjustable safety bars that prevent you from injuring yourself if you fail to complete a lift safely and fall off the bench or platform.

How Much Does Squat Rack Cost

It’s not as easy as I imagined to figure out how much a squat rack costs. There is a wide range of costs and variables to take into account.

Determining the best squat rack on the market required the Strong Home Gym team, which also includes qualified personal trainers. The results are here.

A squat rack typically costs $650. However, you may spend $600 on a premium power rack or $300 on a high-quality squat stand. Some inexpensive squat stands go for approximately $100, but these are not the best if you intend to lift more than 300 lbs. Nevertheless, some of the priciest power racks cost more than $7,000.

Many manufacturers use a slightly different name for these kinds of racks. And a lot of folks consider any of these racks to be a squat rack. The remainder of this post will outline the price ranges and what to anticipate paying for a rack.

Price range for a basic squat stand

For approximately $100 to $240, you may purchase a basic squat stand made of 12-14 gauge steel. The least expensive options for buying some sort of squat rack are these kinds of squat stands. They are suitable for individuals who do not want to lift more than 300 pounds.

If you intend to lift any weight that you think you could have trouble with, it’s a good idea to do so with a spotter.

These inexpensive squat stands occasionally offer spotter arms, but they are not the strongest.

Typically, these racks weigh very little. Due to the thinner steel that was used in their construction, they weigh less than 100 lbs. This means that if you don’t bolt them down, they could also wobble a lot and possibly fall.

Despite this, a pull-up bar will be included with many of these racks. If you weigh under 200 pounds and want to perform normal pull-ups, they are OK. However, using these racks to perform muscle ups or kipping pull ups will be difficult because of their excessive wobbling.

The cost of a mid-range squat stand

Squat stands in the middle range cost between $250 and $650. According to this study, the average cost is $370. This rack can be for you if you’re looking for an inexpensive squat rack but also want the benefit of using stronger 11 gauge steel.

It weighs roughly 150 lbs more than the entry-level rack, according to this. As a result, it is a little bit more durable and can easily support 500 lbs of weight. But you really need to make sure that these squat stands are secured to the floor if you’re squatting this much weight by yourself. A power rack is perhaps something else to think about.

Instead of the 3″ creme de la creme racks, mid range squat stands typically employ 2″ or 2″ steel tube.

Price range for luxury squat racks

The average cost of a premium squat rack is $742, ranging from $400 to $3,000 overall. These squat racks will have a pull-up bar and will be more stable than the less expensive options. This is due to the fact that they are at least 3 3″ in diameter and 200 lbs in weight and are composed of 11 gauge steel.

A dip bar or weight plate holders are common extras that come with these squat racks. They often have a bigger foundation, which also makes the racks less likely to wobble.

If you have limited room but yet need a high-quality rack that can carry whatever weight you can lift, these racks might be the solution for you.

A typical power rack price

From the 67 power racks used in this study, the median average price is $925. A premium 3 3″ 11 gauge steel power rack, on the other hand, costs $600 and will last you a lifetime. If you won’t lift more than 350 lbs, you might also spend roughly $200 for a basic power rack made of 2″ 14 gauge steel.

Price range for entry-level power rack

For less than $200, you can purchase a basic power rack. However, these racks often weigh under 150 lbs. and are made of 14 gauge steel. They therefore sway more than racks made of sturdier steel.

They are intended for individuals who do not want to lift objects weighing more than 350 lbs.

Additionally, a rack like this will be more than adequate for you if you intend to perform CrossFit lifts primarily using Olympic weightlifting motions. If this is the type of lifting you do, it would be preferable to spend your money on an Olympic barbell and bumper plates of high quality.

Price range for a mid-range power rack

The typical price of a midrange power rack is $831. A 2″ 11 gauge steel power rack, however, costs less than $500. Although these racks are sturdy enough for most persons, they might need to be anchored if you intend to lift objects weighing more than 400 lbs.

For less than $500, you can get a mid-range power rack like the Titan T3. It can support any weight you can lift thanks to its 2 3″ 11 gauge steel construction.

Price range for luxury power rack

A high end power rack typically costs $1,200. A rack of this caliber costs more than $7,000. However, a 3 3″ 11 gauge steel power rack may also be purchased for less than $600.

A high-end rack that costs roughly this much is the Titan X3. This must also be bolted down, but if you’d prefer not to, the flat foot version is also available for less than $700.

Around the bench press region, high grade power racks often have 1″ or Westside hole spacing. As a result, you may place the safety arms precisely where they will prevent you from being crushed beneath the bar if you fail a heavy bench press. Additionally, it helps to avoid banging the safety arms as you complete each rep.

What is the price of a collapsible squat rack?

On average, a foldable rack costs $626. Before shipping or taxes, a folding rack costs between $350 and $1,350.

Folding racks must be fastened to the wall with bolts. But if you need to utilize your home gym for something else, like parking your car, they are fantastic space savers.

Thanks to their innovative technology that makes it possible to quickly fold the rack away, PRx stands out in comparison to most other brands. The majority of other folding racks use pins to store the rack, which makes folding the rack away take longer.

What is the price of a half-rack?

The average cost of the 8 half racks in this study was more over $1,500. Half racks are more difficult to obtain than power racks or squat stands, yet they can cost as little as $550.

Some people adore half racks because they are more stable than squat stands while taking up less room than a power rack. Half racks are become harder to locate as more companies, including REP Fitness, stop making them.

What factors affect the price of a squat rack?

The main factors that affect the price of a squat rack are:

  • The material used in its construction.
  • The number of safety features it has.
  • Its size and weight.
  • Additional features

We’ll take a closer look at each of these factors below:

Material used in construction: The most common materials used in the construction of a squat rack are steel and iron. A rack made from steel will be more durable than one made from iron, but it will also cost you more money.

Safety features: Racks with more safety features tend to be more expensive than those with fewer safety features. For example, a rack that has telescopic arms will cost more than one without them because it requires additional parts for assembly and installation. Similarly, racks with adjustable pin safeties or J-hooks will also be more expensive due to the additional work required during construction and installation.

Size and weight: Squat racks come in many different sizes and weights depending on how much space you have available in your home gym and how much weight you want to use on them when performing squats or other exercises such as bench presses or shoulder presses.

Additional features: Some racks come with additional features such as pull-up bars or dip stations which increase their value slightly but also increase their price as well. You should also consider buying your squat rack from a reputable brand like Rogue Fitness who offer many accessories that can be attached to their racks such as bands or chains which will also add to their overall cost due to shipping fees


The price of squat rack can vary greatly depending on your needs. For example, those who are looking for a rack that can accommodate the largest number of plates (an important consideration, particularly if you’re training with a partner) should be ready to spend more than those who are simply looking for something that will give them sufficient space for their home gym.

Starting your home gym is a great idea, as is working out regularly and staying fit. These are all enjoyable pursuits which can contribute to your overall health and wellbeing. We hope our humble guide has helped you make a smart choice on your next squat rack purchase, so that you can get back to working out, training hard and enjoying all the other benefits of keeping active and in good shape.

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