How Much Does A Bowling Ball Cost In The US? [Answered]

How much is a bowling ball? Well it depends on a number of factors. We’ll answer the questions you have regarding bowling ball prices in this article.

The average price of a bowling ball is $50 to $100, but there are some that cost as much as $300 or more.

We have all been there. Taking a look at the bowling ball rack at our local bowling alley and wondering how much does a bowling ball cost. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to find out this very important information for you!

The right bowling ball can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your performance on the lanes. Your high-performance bowling balls are literally the tools of your trade. Why trust anything but top quality when it comes to your tools?

What Is A Bowling Ball

Bowling is a sport or leisure activity in which a player rolls or throws a bowling ball towards pins (also called “kitties” or “skittles”) that are set at various distances and angles to knock them down. A player must throw the ball with his or her arm and use a finger to apply spin to make the ball curve.

how much is a bowling ball

A bowling ball is a heavy sphere, usually made of plastic or other synthetic materials, used to hit pins in the sport of bowling. Balls come in two basic shapes: one is bowled with a finger and thumb holes, commonly known as the finger hole; and the other without.

The weight of a regulation ten-pin bowling ball is 16 lbs 1 oz (7.26 kg) for men, 15 lb 3 oz (6.87 kg) for women, 14 lb 7 oz (6.50 kg) for boys under 12 years old, and 13 lb 3 oz (5.90 kg) for girls under 12 years old.[1] The circumference of a regulation ten-pin bowling ball ranges from 8 1⁄4 inches (21 cm) to 8 5⁄8 inches (22 cm). The diameter ranges from 2 7⁄8 inches (7 cm) to 3 1⁄2.

Bowling balls are the most important equipment in bowling.

A bowling ball is a round object which is used to knock down the set pins in the game of ten-pin bowling. It is hard, smooth, and made of plastic or urethane. In addition, a bowling ball is covered with a special wax that allows it to slide easily on the lane, but still have enough friction to grip the lane when it hits one of the pins.

The main purpose of a bowling ball is to make sure that your shot goes straight down the lane, so that you can knock down as many pins as possible. If you don’t have a good bowling ball, then your shots will be off target and you won’t be able to hit as many pins as you would like.

How Much Does A Bowling Ball Cost?

The average price of a bowling ball is $50 to $100, but there are some that cost as much as $300 or more.

Type of Bowling BallDescriptionAverage Price
PlasticThese balls are usually made from a plastic or a polyester.$40 to $65
Entry LevelOffers a custom core for better performance$75 to $175
VanityJust like the plastic bowling balls, the only difference is here is that there will be a logo or some sort of image embedded on the ball$75 to $150
High Level PerformanceThe king of all bowling balls, designed with an advanced core and a premium outer surface.$150 to $300+

The most expensive bowling balls are made with exotic materials such as carbon fiber and polyurethane. They also have special finishes such as reactive resin and urethane, which give the ball more spin and make it easier to control, according to

Bowling balls can be made of plastic, urethane or polyester resin composite materials and come in many different colors and designs. Some are even made with real wood cores, according to

The average cost of a bowling ball is around $50, but some will cost less than $10 or more than $1,000 depending on what material they’re made from and how much weight they carry (how heavy they are).

Most bowling balls have an average weight between 15-16 pounds (6-7 kg). A heavier ball has more traction on the lane surface than a lighter one does when it rolls down the lane towards the pins at the end of its path.

A good bowling ball can be an investment, but it’s not something to be taken lightly. If you’re serious about the sport, then you need to take the time to find the best ball for your needs.


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Factors that Determine How Much A Bowling Ball Cost

There are several factors that determine how much a bowling ball costs. The first is what you want it for. Do you want to use it just in your spare time or do you want to make it a serious hobby? If so, then you’ll want something that has more features and is more durable than if you were just playing occasionally with friends or family members.

  • The brand of a bowling ball determines its quality and this will determine its price. This means that if you want to buy a good quality bowling ball then you should go for those brands that are known for their quality. The other thing that determines the price of a bowling ball is the material used to make it.
  • If you want to buy a good quality bowling ball then you should go for those made from polyester or urethane material because they are durable and they can last longer than many other types of materials used in making these balls.
  • Cost of Material: The first factor that determines how much your bowling ball will cost is the type of material used to make your bowling ball. Different materials have different prices, so if you want a top-of-the line ball, you’re going to have to pay for it! The most common type of material used in making bowling balls is reactive resin plastic. This material is very durable and has good gripping power, but it’s also very expensive! Other materials include urethane foam and polyester carbonate, which are also quite costly as well.
  • Manufacturing Method: Another factor that determines how much your bowling ball will cost is how it was manufactured. Some companies use traditional methods while others use more modern techniques such as injection molding and vacuum forming. The most common manufacturing methods are injection molding and vacuum forming because they allow for more intricate designs without compromising the integrity of the finished product.
  • The Weight of the Ball: A heavier ball will cost more because it takes more effort to throw it down the lane than a lighter one. A lighter ball can be thrown further with less effort, but it won’t typically have as much hook on it as a heavier ball would. Hook refers to how much friction there is between the ball and lane oil when you release it from your hand; if you have too much hook, you’re likely to throw gutter balls or leave splits in your pins set-up. If you want to improve your hook potential or leave fewer splits on your bowling score sheet, then consider purchasing a heavier ball that’s easier for you to throw down the lane consistently with minimal effort.

Other factors include:

  • The material of the ball (polyester, urethane). The material affects things like weight and durability as well as how quickly it can be broken down on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.
  • The weight of the ball (10 to 16 pounds). This will affect how easy it is for you to throw and how far it goes when released from your hand. As a general rule, lighter balls are easier for beginners to control while heavier ones are better for experienced players who want more distance with each throw.


In conclusion, The cost of bowling ball can range in price from the mid-teens from $50 to $100. If you’re trying to save money, consider shopping around for a used or refurbished bowling ball. While this option may not be available at every bowling alley, it’s a good idea to inquire about it if you like that particular brand. It might save you big bucks!

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