How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Semi-Truck?

Semi-trucks are some of the largest vehicles on the road, and as such, they can be involved in some serious accidents. If you’re ever unlucky enough to be involved in a semi-truck collision, you may wonder how much it will cost to tow the truck away.

The cost of towing a semi-truck will vary depending on several factors. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $600 for a semi-truck tow.

A towing company will charge more for towing a semi-truck than it would for towing a regular vehicle.

Tow truck companies charge more for towing a semi-truck because they are larger and heavier than other vehicles, so they require more power and capacity from the tow truck driver.

Additionally, semi-trucks require special equipment available at some tow truck companies.

How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Semi-Truck?

The average cost of towing a semi-truck ranges between $250 to $600. You should budget $375 just for the cost of connecting your semi-truck to a tow truck.

Once your semi-truck is attached to a tow truck, you may anticipate paying the tow truck business between $25 and $75 per mile to remove your vehicle somewhere you can service it. A semi-truck may cost as little as $250 to tow, while a long-distance trip may cost as much as $600.

Cost of Semi-Truck Tow Based on Incident

Let’s examine some specific situations and the towing expenses connected with them now that we have looked at some of the most prevalent elements determining the cost of towing a semi-truck.

Out of a Ditch Towing

To have your semi-truck hauled out of a ditch, it will often cost you $650. If the trench needs to be exceptionally deep or if regions that are challenging to access must be reached, the cost may increase noticeably.

Overweight Vehicle Towing

The typical price for a tow if your semi-truck is overweight is $2,500. Depending on the truck’s weight and the tow’s length, this cost may change.

Towing with a Broken Axle

The typical towing fee for a truck with a broken axle is $4,500. This price may vary depending on the extent of the break and the required towing distance.

Average Towing Cost Rates

Average Tow Truck Rates$75 to $125 
Towing Cost Per Mile $2 to $6
Flatbed Towing Rates $95 to $125 
Motorcycle Tow Rates$75 to $95  + $1 per mile
Tow Rate After Hours$5 up to $150
Tow Rates for Large or Heavy-Duty Vehicles$10 to $35 (up to max 30%)

Average Towing Cost In Different Conditions

Tire damage$64 to $78 per hour
Faulty brakes$60 to $75 per hour
Engine failure $55 to $75 per hour
Accidents$100 to $105 per hour

Factors That Influence The Cost To Tow A Semi-Truck

Many factors influence the cost of towing a semi-truck. The most important factor is the distance the truck needs to be towed. The factors that can influence the cost include:

The size and weight of the semi-truck

The size and weight of a semi-truck can play a large role in determining its cost to tow. The larger and heavier the vehicle, the more expensive it will be to move. This is because more equipment will be required to move such a heavy load. For example, if you need to tow a large semi truck from California to New York, you will need a much bigger tow truck than if you were moving from California to Texas.

The distance of the tow

The distance that you are traveling with your semi truck also factors into its overall costs. If you are only traveling within one state, the tow cost may be lower than if you were traveling across multiple states or even an entire country.

This is because there would be less travel time with shorter distances and fewer expenses like fuel and maintenance costs on both vehicles involved in the process.

The location of the tow (city or rural area)

Rural areas are cheaper than urban areas due to a lack of competition and other overhead costs. If you live in a rural area and need to get your truck towed, it may be less expensive than if you lived in a city.

The time of day or night

Towing services charge more for late night and early morning hours when fewer tow trucks are available to respond to calls. If you call for roadside assistance during these times, expect your bill to be higher than if you made the call during normal business hours.

Holiday or non-holiday

Tow truck operators charge more for towing services on holidays than on regular days of the week. Fewer drivers are available during holidays, so it takes longer for them to arrive at your location.

The price also increases because people tend to drink more alcohol on holidays than during regular days of the week, which increases the risk that accidents will occur and that the drivers involved may not be able to drive their vehicles home safely.

How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Completely Disabled Semi-Truck

The cost of towing a completely disabled semi-truck can vary depending on the distance and location. However, it typically costs around $700 to $1,500 to tow a completely disabled semi-truck within a 100-mile radius. If the truck needs to be towed outside of this radius, the cost will likely be higher.

Semi-Truck Insurance and Tow Plans

As a commercial truck driver, you’re required to have insurance. Your company may provide insurance, or you may need to purchase it yourself. There are different types of insurance available, and the amount of coverage you need will depend on the type of trucking you do and the cargo you carry.

Towing plans are also available for semi-trucks. These plans cover the cost of towing your truck if it breaks down or is in an accident. The amount of coverage and the price of the plan will vary depending on the company you choose.

Benefits Of Having Insurance For Your Semi Truck

There are many benefits of having insurance for your semi-truck.

You can’t drive a semi truck without insurance. It’s that simple. But if you’re a truck driver and haven’t had to file a claim before, you may not have a clear understanding of how your insurance works. Here are some benefits of having insurance for your semi truck:

Protection Against Accidents

If you’re in an accident while driving, paying for the damage to both your vehicle and the other person’s vehicle may be difficult. This is where collision coverage can help out.

Collision coverage will pay for the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle if you hit someone else or run into something else. It also covers any injuries sustained by passengers in your vehicle and any passengers in other vehicles involved in an accident with yours.

Protection Against Theft And Vandalism

You’ve probably spent years building up your business, investing money into it, and working hard every day to make sure everything goes smoothly so that you can stay profitable and successful.

Without proper coverage for theft or vandalism, all of this could be lost in just one night if someone breaks into your garage or cab and steals everything from inside.

Protect Your Assets

In most cases, the insurance company will pay out more than what was originally paid for the truck, which means that you will get some money back after paying premiums on time every month.

Reduce Your Risk Of Being Sued

If you are involved in an accident and don’t have insurance, then there is a chance that the other party or their families may sue you if anyone gets hurt during the crash. This could lead to financial problems and emotional distress, so it’s best to have it.


The cost of towing a semi-truck can vary depending on the size and weight of the truck, as well as the distance it needs to be towed. However, on average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $600 for this service. If you have a truck that needs to be towed, make sure you shop around and get multiple quotes before making a decision.

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