Pizza Hut menu prices in Australia

Pizza Hut, one of the most popular pizza chains globally, has a strong presence in Australia, with its first outlet opening in Belfield, Sydney, in 1970. Since then, the brand has grown significantly, with numerous locations spread across the country, offering a wide variety of pizzas, sides, and meal deals to satisfy diverse tastes and preferences. Understanding Pizza Hut menu prices in Australia is crucial for consumers seeking to make informed decisions about their dining choices and budgeting for meals.

Pizza Hut menu prices in Australia
Pizza Hut menu prices in Australia

Pizza Hut is renowned for its commitment to offering customers great value for their money, with an emphasis on affordability and generous meal portions. This comprehensive guide aims to provide a detailed breakdown of Pizza Hut Menu Prices in Australia, sides, meal deals, and more, to help you plan your next pizza night or party with ease.

Pizza Hut Menu Prices in Australia


Menu ItemAUD$
BBq Cheeseburger LargeAUD$14.95
BBq Cheeseburger Large Stuffed CrustAUD$18,40
BBq Cheeseburger Large Gluten Free BaseAUD$17.95
BBq Cheeseburger Medium (Traditional, Deep Pan, Thin n Crispy)AUD$11.95
Ham Lovers Large (Traditional, Deep Pan, Thin n Crispy)AUD$10.95
Ham Lovers Large Stuffed CrustAUD$14,40
Ham Lovers Large Gluten Free BaseAUD$13.95
Ham Lovers MediumAUD$9.95
Cheese Lovers LargeAUD$9.95
Cheese Lovers Large Stuffed CrustAUD$13.40
Cheese Lovers Large Gluten Free BaseAUD$12.95
Cheese Lovers Medium AUD$8.95
Margherita LargeAUD$9.95
Margherita Large Stuffed CrustAUD$13.40
Margherita Large Gluten Free BaseAUD$12.95
Margherita MediumAUD$8.95


Menu ItemAUD$
Creamy Chicken & Bacon LargeAUD$19.95
Creamy Chicken & Bacon Large Stuffed CrustAUD$23,40
Creamy Chicken & Bacon Large Gluten Free BaseAUD$22.95
Creamy Chicken & Bacon MediumAUD$16.95
Butcher’s Block LargeAUD$19.95
Butcher’s Block Large Stuffed CrustAUD$23,40
Butcher’s Block Large Gluten Free BaseAUD$22.95
Butcher’s Block MediumAUD$16.95
Garlic Prawn Large AUD$17.95
Garlic Prawn Large Stuffed CrustAUD$21,40
Garlic Prawn Large Gluten Free BaseAUD$20.95
Garlic Prawn MediumAUD$14.95
Hot & Spicy Chicken LargeAUD$17.95
Hot & Spicy Chicken Large Stuffed CrustAUD$21,40
Hot & Spicy Chicken Large Gluten Free BaseAUD$20.95
Hot & Spicy Chicken MediumAUD$14.95
BBQ Chicken LargeAUD$17.95
BBQ Chicken Large Stuffed CrustAUD$21,40
BBQ Chicken Large Gluten Free BaseAUD$20.95
BBQ Chicken MediumAUD$17.95
Mega Meatlovers LargeAUD$14.95
Mega Meatlovers Large Stuffed CrustAUD$21,40
Mega Meatlovers Large Gluten Free BaseAUD$20.95
Mega Meatlovers MediumAUD$14.95
Ultimate Hot & Spicy LargeAUD$14.95
Ultimate Hot & Spicy Large Stuffed CrustAUD$18,40
Ultimate Hot & Spicy Large Gluten Free BaseAUD$17.95
Ultimate Hot & Spicy Large MediumAUD$11.95


Menu ItemAUD$
Smoky Chicken & Bacon LargeAUD$17.95
Smoky Chicken & Bacon Large Stuffed CrustAUD$21.40
Smoky Chicken & Bacon Gluten Free BaseAUD$20.95
Smoky Chicken & Bacon MediumAUD$14.95
Veggie Sensation LargeAUD$14.95
Veggie Sensation Large Stuffed CrustAUD$18.40
Veggie Sensation MediumAUD$17.95
Hawaiian LargeAUD$11.95
Hawaiian Large Stuffed CrustAUD$14.95
Hawaiian Large Gluten Free BaseAUD$17.95
Hawaiian MediumAUD$11.95
Pepperoni Lovers LargeAUD$9.95
Pepperoni Lovers Large Stuffed CrustAUD$13.40
Pepperoni Lovers Large Gluten Free BaseAUD$12.95
Pepperoni Lovers MediumAUD$8.95
BBQ Beef LargeAUD$9.95
BBQ Beef Large Stuffed CrustAUD$13.40
BBQ Beef Large Gluten Free BaseAUD$12.95
BBQ Beef MediumAUD$9.95


Menu ItemAUD$
Chipotle 6 wingsAUD$8.95
Chipotle 12 wingsAUD$14.95
Chipotle 24 wingsAUD$25.95
Peri-Peri 6 wingsAUD$8.95
Peri-Peri 12 wingsAUD$14.95
Peri-Peri 24 wingsAUD$25.95
Buffalo 6 wingsAUD$8.95
Buffalo 12 wingsAUD$14.95
Buffalo 24 wingsAUD$25.95
Hickory & Brown Sugar 6 wingsAUD$8.95
Hickory & Brown Sugar 12 wingsAUD$14.95
Hickory & Brown Sugar 24 wingsAUD$25.95
Honey Mustard 6 wingsAUD$8.95
Honey Mustard 12 wingsAUD$14.95
Honey Mustard 24 wingsAUD$25.95
Honey Soy 6 wingsAUD$8.95
Honey Soy 12 wingsAUD$14.95
Honey Soy 24 wingsAUD$25.95
Hot Chilli 6 wingsAUD$8.95
Hot Chilli 12 wingsAUD$14.95
Hot Chilli 24 wingsAUD$25.95
Smoky BBQ 6 wingsAUD$8.95
Smoky BBQ 12 wingsAUD$14.95
Smoky BBQ 24 wingsAUD$25.95
No Sauce 6 wingsAUD$8.95
No Sauce 12 wingsAUD$14.95
No Sauce 24 wingsAUD$25.95


Menu ItemAUD$
Smoky Chicken & Bacon MediumAUD$18.95
Smoky Chicken & Bacon LargeAUD$21.95
Hot & Spicy Veggie MediumAUD$11.95
Hot & Spicy Veggie LargeAUD$14.95
Super Supreme MediumAUD$11.95
Super Supreme LargeAUD$14.95
Vegan Mediterranean MediumAUD$14.95
Vegan Mediterranean LargeAUD$17.95
Mega Meatlovers MediumAUD$18.95
Mega Meatlovers LargeAUD$21.95
Ultimate Hot & Spicy MediumAUD$11.95
Ultimate Hot & Spicy LargeAUD$14.95

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