How Much Is A Water Dispenser

How much does a water dispenser cost? Water vending machines are one of the most efficient ways to provide clean and safe drinking water. Water dispensers come in five different sizes, from countertop varieties with hundreds of liters at home, to small office types that hold up to 21 liters.

To find out the answer to that question, you’ll have to consider some factors. First of all, how much water do you intend to serve with your appliance? If you want it for small office use and don’t know how much water you want to provide for drinking and cooking purposes then a 10-20 gallon container will suffice. But if you are going for a household purpose, where various members of the family will go for unlimited use, then you should opt for at least a 30-40 gallon container.

What Is A Water Dispenser?

A water dispenser is a machine that automatically fills up a cup with cold or hot water when you insert a cup into it. It also has an option for hot chocolate or tea as well. In addition to this, some water dispensers come with additional features such as ice cube trays and bottle openers.

How Much Is A Water Dispenser
How Much Is A Water Dispenser

Water dispensers are a great way to get your daily recommended amount of water. They are also an effective way to save money and waste. Many people now have a water dispenser in their homes or offices because they can be beneficial for health and the environment.

Benefits Of A Water Dispenser

Many benefits come with using a water dispenser at home or work. They include:

  • Convenience – You will no longer have to wait for your water to cool down before drinking it. A water dispenser allows you to drink cold water immediately when you want it by pressing a button or turning on the tap.
  • Efficiency – The appliance is very energy efficient and uses less electricity than an electric kettle or microwave oven would use for boiling or heating your water respectively. It also eliminates the need for boiling large amounts of water at once, thus saving energy and money!
  • Saving Money – You will no longer need to buy bottled water or fill up jugs from the tap at home or office because you already have instant access to chilled drinking water whenever you need it!
  • Clean drinking water: Water dispensers are designed to filter out impurities like chlorine and fluoride, which makes the water taste fresher and cleaner than tap water. You also don’t have to worry about harmful microorganisms or bacteria getting into your drinking water because it’s been purified by the machine’s internal filters.
  • Water on demand: If you’re tired of running out of drinking water at inconvenient times, then you’ll love having a water dispenser at home. Simply press a button on the control panel and drink as much as you want without having to wait for it to fill up again. This feature is especially useful if you have kids or pets who like drinking from the faucet all day long!
  • Easier cooking: Cooking requires large amounts of water at one time, so having access to clean water on demand makes it easier for you to cook delicious meals at home. You won’t have to wait for your tap water to warm up before using it in recipes — just turn on your dispenser and get started immediately!
  • Water dispensers are perfect for families: They’re easy to use and can dispense hot or cold water at the touch of a button. They’re also great for people who have difficulty lifting heavy bottles or cans of water or those who have limited mobility because they can be moved easily from room to room using an extension cord.
  • Water dispensers are good for the environment: They can reduce waste by eliminating the need for bottled water and cans (that often end up in landfills). They also help reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption associated with transportation costs for these products (and their disposal). In addition, electric models don’t require gasoline or electricity generated by fossil fuels, so they don’t contribute to global warming — just another way you can make a difference!
  • Water dispensers remove chlorine from tap water, which is good for your health. Chlorine is added to municipal drinking water as a disinfectant and helps kill bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella — but it can also damage your gums and may even cause cancer.


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How Much Is A Water Dispenser

The cost of a water dispenser depends on the type of unit, where you purchase it, and other factors. Refrigerator-style dispensers range in cost from $300 to $600 and wall-mounted models range from $150 to $500. The average price is between $300 and $400 for both types of units.

A 1-gallon (3.8-liter) water dispenser can cost as little as $30. A larger unit, like a 5-gallon (18.9-liter) dispenser, can cost around $80 or more.

The higher-end models are usually more expensive because they use filters or ionizers that make the water taste better and last longer than cheaper models. Some models also have features like built-in ice makers or hot water dispensers to make them more useful in your home or office.

Water coolers are also available at big box stores like Walmart and Target, but these tend to be less expensive than units sold directly from manufacturers

Factors That Determine The Price Of A Water Dispenser

The main factors that determine the price of a water dispenser are:

  • The water filter. The price of a water filter may vary depending on the brand, type, and size of the filter. The average cost of a water filter is between $30 and $50.
  • The size of the dispenser. The bigger the dispenser, the more expensive it will be. However, small dispensers are more affordable than large ones.
  • The material used in making your dispenser. Plastic-made dispensers are cheaper than stainless steel ones; however, they do not last long as stainless steel models do. Stainless steel models are also more durable and do not break easily when dropped on hard surfaces or when children play with them.
  • Another factor that determines the price of a water dispenser is the amount of energy consumed by the appliance when in use. There are some models which consume more energy than others
  • The most important of these factors is the quality of the water dispenser. One must not confuse this with the type of water dispenser to be purchased. If a person is looking for an electric water dispenser, then it would be advisable to purchase one that is made of stainless steel or has a high-quality plastic body.
  • The next factor that determines the price of a water dispenser is its size and capacity. The larger the size and capacity, the higher will be its cost. A person should also consider buying a smaller size as it will not cost much and would also save space in your kitchen or office. The third factor that determines the price of a water dispenser is its brand name and fame in the marketplace. If you are buying from well-known brands like Bajaj, Tata, etc., then their products would cost more than others because they have already established themselves as sellers who deliver good quality products at affordable prices.
  • Capacity – The capacity of a water dispenser refers to how much water it can hold before it needs refilling again. Some models hold less than five gallons while others hold over 20 gallons of fresh cold tap water! If your family goes through a lot of bottled spring water each week then perhaps purchasing a large capacity model would be best for your family’s needs.


There are many differences between all of these water dispensers, but in the end, they’re all excellent choices. Each of them will chase away your thirst when you need it most, and that’s what matters most.

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