How Much Is A Police Scanner

Are you curious how much a police scanner costs? You’re in the right place. I’ve bought many police scanners throughout the years and am going to go over the prices for all of them so that you can have an actual number in mind.

Or if you are thinking about working as a police officer, or if you already work as such, a police scanner will prove to be extremely useful. We are talking about a very simple and affordable gadget that could improve your work experience and efficiency. If you are among the people who think they are spending way too much money on this “toy”, please take into consideration how important it is for your line of work.

What Is A Police Scanner?

A police scanner is a radio receiver that’s designed to pick up the signals of emergency services, including police and fire, as well as aircraft and marine transmissions.

A police scanner is a radio receiver that can pick up transmissions from nearby law enforcement agencies. These devices are often used by hobbyists and those who have a professional interest in local crime activity. Police scanners can be purchased at most electronics stores or online.

A police scanner allows you to listen in on the communications of local law enforcement agencies. This is useful information if you’re interested in tracking crime in your neighborhood or if you have an interest in emergency services. Police scanners also allow you to monitor your own business’s security and keep tabs on potential criminals who might be casing the joint.

Police scanners are available for purchase online, at electronics stores, and even though some retailers like Best Buy and Radio Shack. The price of these devices depends on their quality, but generally speaking, they will run anywhere from $50 up to $1,000 or more for top-of-the-line models with extra features such as GPS integration and Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities.

How Much Is A Police Scanner
How Much Is A Police Scanner


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Benefits Of Owning A Police Scanner

Here are some benefits of owning a police scanner:

  • Provides up-to-the-minute information on emergencies. If you live in an area where there are frequent emergencies, such as floods or fires, then you may have time to evacuate your home before disaster strikes. Owning a police scanner allows you to stay informed and make informed decisions about your safety when these types of situations occur.
  • Helps keep you safe by providing real-time information on criminal activity in your area. If someone breaks into one of the houses in your neighborhood and starts stealing items from inside, you must be aware of this so that you can take precautions to protect yourself against becoming a victim too.
  • A police scanner is a device that allows you to listen in on the radio conversations between police officers, firefighters, and other public safety officials. When you hear an emergency call on the scanner, you can be prepared for whatever situation is developing. Police scanners also have other benefits:
  • Alerts you to traffic issues: If there’s an accident or some other traffic issue near your home or office, a police scanner can alert you to the problem so that you can avoid it. This is particularly useful if you’re in an area with poor cell reception or spotty service. The same is true if there are construction zones or road closures nearby. A police scanner will let you know if anything is blocking your path so that you can avoid it and get where you need to go without delay.
  • Helps keep your home safe: If someone has broken into your home while you’re away, a police scanner can help law enforcement locate them quickly and safely remove them from the premises without further incident. You’ll also know when there’s an intruder in your neighborhood who needs immediate attention from local authorities.
  • Safety. Owning a police scanner can help keep you safe by alerting you to dangerous situations that may be occurring nearby. You’ll also be able to take precautions to avoid becoming involved in dangerous situations yourself. For example, if there’s an accident or other traffic snarl-up on your way home from work, you’ll know about it before getting caught up in it yourself. This could save you time and prevent injury or damage to your vehicle.
  • Convenience. Having access to real-time information about road closures and traffic jams can make life much easier for anyone who drives regularly. It also helps drivers avoid getting stuck in bad weather conditions or other problems that might otherwise cause them delays or inconvenience when traveling around town.

How Much Is A Police Scanner

The best police scanners can be expensive. You can find a quality scanner for around $100, but if you want the best one on the market, it will cost you thousands of dollars.

The average police scanner costs between $100 and $200, with some models costing as much as $1,000. The price can vary widely depending on what type of scanner you’re looking for — whether you want a handheld device or one that mounts in your car — and how many channels you need to scan at once.

If you’re just looking for a basic scanner with which to listen to local police chatter, expect to pay about $100 to $150 for an entry-level model. If you want something with more features — like better reception and better audio quality — expect it to cost more than $300.

If you want a high-end professional model that’s capable of picking up transmissions from all over the world (and possibly even beyond), then be prepared to spend thousands of dollars on your purchase.


You also need to consider the quality of the scanner you are buying as well. The best police scanners will have a good antenna, sufficient memory space and decoders. All these features will ensure that you get the best quality when you are listening to the signals of your local police department. However, all of this depends on where you live and where do you want to monitor the activity from.

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