How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Exterminator? [2023 Exterminator Cost]

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Exterminator?

When an infestation of pests threatens your home, you can call on an exterminator to help you get rid of the annoying critters. Many people who live in urban areas have pest problems, but they usually take care of them on their own.

If you have a home that’s under control but you’re having problems with pests, there are probably other issues that are causing the problem. It’s best to have a pest problem diagnosed and fixed before it becomes a bigger issue. This is a job that you shouldn’t try to take on yourself.

For most people, a pest problem is something that they can’t tackle by themselves. If this describes you, keep reading to learn about how much an exterminator might cost and how you can get one to help you get rid of the problem.

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How Much Does an Exterminator Cost?

This is one question that people often have about hiring an exterminator. Just because it’s a common question, doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good answers. It can be hard to put a price on getting rid of pests, but exterminators usually charge by the job.

The price will depend on a few factors, like the size of your home and the extent of the problem. In most cases, the cost to hire an exterminator will range from $500 to $2,000. But this doesn’t mean that all exterminators charge this amount.

The average price that home owners pay for pest control services is $725, according to the exterminator review website

Hiring an exterminator – Do your research

Before you call an exterminator and give them your money, you should do your research first. You won’t be able to get an accurate quote if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

This includes finding out how much an exterminator is going to cost, what qualifications they need to have, and what experience they need to have. Make sure that you understand who you’re hiring and what services they’ll be providing. You can find this information by looking at client reviews or calling the exterminator company to verify their legitimacy. You can also learn more about hiring a pro on a budget here.

Getting estimates – Talk to a few exterminators

Once you’ve determined how much an exterminator will cost and you’ve interviewed a few exterminators, compare notes and get estimates from different professionals. This will help you get an idea of what’s involved and what to expect during the process of getting rid of the pests. You should compare quotes and get estimates from at least three different exterminators. This will give you a better idea of what to expect, as well as provide you with an option if one of the companies is charging more than you want to pay.

Hiring a pro – Find a reputable exterminator

If you’re hiring an exterminator for the first time, or you’re looking for a pest control company for the first time, consider hiring a pro. They will have experience getting rid of pests, and they can help you stay organized and make sure that the job is done right. You can find a pro using the same methods that you’d use to find a doctor or mechanic.

Ask friends and family for recommendations, check online brokerages, or call around to find a local pro. When hiring a pro, make sure that they use certified exterminators. This will make sure that they are safe and effective at getting rid of pests.

Get estimates from pest control companies

If you’re looking for a quick fix, or if you’re having a problem with carpenter ants or mice, you could just call a pest control company. These companies can come out and get rid of the pests for you.

However, if you want to get rid of the pests for good, or if you want help with a bigger problem, you’ll need to hire a pro. Find a pest control company that specializes in the type of pests that are affecting your home.

Most companies can treat for insects like cockroaches, termites, ants, and mice. Other companies may also treat for spiders, snakes, and other reptiles. Ask your exterminator if they can also treat for other pests, like bats or raccoons. When you make the call, be sure to ask about the cost of the service before signing a contract or giving any money.

Get estimates from bug zappers

If you haven’t been able to find an exterminator to help you, you could try hiring a bug zapper. These devices are designed to attract insects and direct them towards a cathode. Once they’re inside the bug zapper, the device kills them using electricity.

You can find bug zappers at most hardware stores and home centers. Ask for the ones that use ultraviolet light to kill bugs, like the ones made by Vectra and Orkin. These machines are popular because homeowners can use them to get rid of insects inside their homes, without needing a license or a pest control company.

However, make sure that you know that you’re responsible for any exterminator fees, and make sure that you aren’t violating any laws by using one on your own property.


It can be intimidating to hire an exterminator for the first time, especially if you’re worried about the cost. You might be tempted to try to get rid of the pests on your own, but this is a job that you shouldn’t try to take on yourself. An exterminator can help you get rid of the pests in your home, and they can get rid of them safely and effectively.

Make sure that you get estimates from more than one exterminator, and make sure that you understand what you’re getting into before you sign a contract or pay any money.

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