Cost of Chicken Breast Per Pound

When you’re deciding what foods to buy, it’s important to know how much they’re going to cost so that you can plan your meals accordingly. The cost of chicken breast per pound differs depending on the size and the protein content of the piece of chicken breast that you purchase.

In this article, you’ll get two articles about how much the cost of chicken breast per pound and save even more money by stocking up when prices are low!

The price for chicken breast per pound can vary significantly depending on the location, time of year, and quantity being purchased. Prices at grocery stores tend to be higher than prices at poultry outlets. In general, breasts of all types can cost anywhere from $0.30 to $3.82 per pound.


How Much Is Chicken Breast Per Lb?

The price of chicken breast per pound in the United States is in the medium range compared with other countries worldwide.

The average price of chicken breast per pound in the US is from $3.82 and $5.71 for other countries.

CountryAverage Price Per LB
United States$3.82
United Kingdom$3.10
New Zealand$3.08

Types of Chicken Breast Price

These are the types of chicken breast in the supermarket.

  1. Frozen Chicken Breast
  2. Fresh Chicken Breast
  3. Breaded Chicken Breast
  4. Organic Chicken Breast

How Many Ounces in One Chicken Breast?

a complete chicken breast weighs roughly 12 ounces on average.

In what unit of measure is 3 ounces of chicken breast? Approximately how many ounces are in a single chicken breast.

When it comes to weight, how much does a chicken breast weigh in ounces and grams?

When raw, a chicken breast weighs around 3-8 ounces (85-226 grams), on average.

Price Increase Of Chicken Breast Per Pound By Year

YearAverage Price Per LB


What is the cost of chicken breast per pound?

There is a great deal of variance in the cost of chicken breast per pound, depending on the location, breed of chicken, and processing method. In general, however, a single breast can cost about $3.82 per pound.

Which parts of the chicken breast cost more?

The cost of chicken breast per pound varies depending on the part of the chicken breast you are purchasing. The most expensive part of a chicken breast is the skin, which costs about $3.82 per pound. The next most expensive part is the meat, which costs about $4 per pound. Finally, the bones and tendons cost about $3 per pound.

Why is the cost of chicken breast per pound higher than other meats?

The cost of chicken breast per pound is higher than other meats because it requires more resources to produce. Chickens require more feed to produce a pound of meat than cows, pigs, or other animals.

Additionally, chickens are forced to live in stressful conditions and are often infected with diseases. These costs are passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices for chicken breast.

How do I lower the cost of my chicken breasts?

One way to reduce the cost of your chicken breasts is to buy them in bulk. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re using the best-quality chicken breasts when cooking, since this will ultimately affect the price per pound. For example, if you’re using free-range or organic chicken breasts, they will cost more than conventionally raised chicken breasts.

Finally, be sure to cook your chicken breasts evenly and carefully – overcooking them will result in them being more expensive per pound.

Are there alternatives to chicken breast?

Chicken breast is a common food item, and it can be expensive to purchase. There are alternatives to chicken breast that may be cheaper per pound. For example, chicken thighs are a cheaper option than breasts because they have more bone and less meat. Additionally, grilled or pan-fried chicken may be cheaper than taking out the chicken breast from the grocery store.


In this article, we discussed the cost of chicken breast per pound and some things you should keep in mind when calculating the price. We also give you a few tips on how to get the most out of your poultry purchase.

Finally, we provided a list of chicken breast prices from different markets so that you can get an idea for what to expect.

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